December 11, 2018

While we see the world quickly evolving, we can also observe that women are still grappling with how to thrive in it. According to the Forbes Coaches Council, women need to find (1) strong support systems, (2) opportunities to enhance key alliances, (3) and develo...

April 25, 2018

Today we have an opportunity to listen to a second segment of the #IAMIN series. In this discussion we are able to hear from Obioma Martin, Dr. Monica Wilson, Maxine Reyes, Dr. Alisha Hill, and Brendal Davis, as they highlight the beauty of women supporting one another...

March 20, 2018

I love sparking confidence in the lives of young teen girls. This past month, I had the opportunity to speak to teen girls who participated in the Dresses to Dreams event hosted by by the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University.

5 Tips for Building Confidenc...

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