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The annual International Women Build Confidence Conference is our marquee event, which attracted over 48 people last year. This year is going to be bigger and better because of:



  • Susie Carder: Is the President of Motivating the Masses who has helped companies expand their revenues from 10, 000 to 1 million in sales. She is a successful business owner who came from humble beginnings to amass millions with her business strategies of systems. She brings value and insight to burgeoning entrepreneurs who are looking to be inspired and challenged to find solutions to their personal and professional goals as new entrepreneurs. She will relate to the Boston community as she is also a Latino American. This opportunity to have her as a featured speaker raises the added value to this awesome conference.

  • Business Communication Mastery & Global Leadership Program: The Business Communication Program and WBC15 programs launched in 2018. We saw more than 200 women participate in all IWBCC related events. New authors, artists, leaders, and students have benefited from our live events and digital training. 

  • Dr. Allana Da Graca Laser Coaching: Dr. Allana Da Graca is a Boston native who has traveled to Portugal, Africa, London, Paris, and beyond on a mission to understand goal attainment. Her 17-years of educating others in Communication practice has afforded her to work in unique places allowing individuals to soar towards their achievement. She has helped hundreds of individuals to gain confidence in speaking and launching new businesses. As the founder of Turning On the Lights Global Institute, she has helped women to re-define their strategy for career and business success.



According to our survey, 40 % of our attendees are your clients. IWBCC is an opportunity to showcase TOLGI SUPPORTER's products and increase market share. Stand behind the #IWBCC program to increase (1) Employee Satisfaction, (2) Sales and Marketing Strategy, (3) Leadership Competency and (4) Industry specific tools for success. This 2-day event offers:

1. Transformative Coaching

2. Global Leadership Mastery

3. Professional Development & Goal Acquisition

4. Strategy & Communication Implementation

5. Interconnectedness Models of Engagement

6. Digital Frameworks & Online Business

Friday March 29th, 2019

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