• Dr. Allana Da Graca

Social Media Blueprint Short Course

Updated: Jan 8

Are you a new business owner who feels frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the talk of social media? This Social Media Blueprint four-part series will give you the foundational tools you need to begin to create awareness around your brand , product or service. This year I have conducted a Four-Part training with SCORE BOSTON to help entrepreneurs understand how to get their service, product and/or idea to those individuals who need the solutions that you offer. Each module was created to give you the basic understanding of how to (1) begin to use social media, (2) analyze your target, (3) design a tribe based on a hashtag and (4) analyze your engagements. We know that all of you have a varied level of skills but hope you find these videos useful for your continued growth. Feel free to contact Dr. Allana for more information about tutorials, webinars, seminars, and Boston events.

Are you a new entrepreneur looking to use Social Media for business? Access this four part series to learn how to effectively use Social Media to build awareness around your brand or service.


This workshop series is part of a SCORE BOSTON training series

All modules will be presented by Dr. Da Graca. You do not have to attend earlier modules to attend this one. But there will not be a review of earlier modules in this module.

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