I Need to Upgrade My Life #UPML!

March 27, 2018

Dr. Allana Da Graca



During a flight to Paris the flight attendant asked, "Would you like to upgrade your seat to first class?" I immediately said "Yes!" and was happily ushered to my seat. This allowed me to have space to stretch out andprovided extra comfort for the nine hour flight.


In the same way, I see personal change as an opportunity to upgrade areas in our lives that we struggle with. This year I have spoken to hundreds of individuals who want to grow in their personal and professional lives. Some women expressed the need to get out of their way with respect to how they view their ability to reach new career goals. Other women discussed the challenge of leading balanced lives. Change has a lot to do with our  ability to commit to the areas we desperately want to change. This year I have launched the Women Build Confidence 2.0 Online Experience (WBCVIP). 


This five-week course allows individuals to become crystal clear about making change in one facet of their lives. The course is filled with Questions for Growth, Milestone Celebrations, and Coaching techniques for personal growth. 


Course Topics:

1. Importance of Decisions

2. Friendship Analysis

3. Action Plan for Growth


Want to learn how to Upgrade Your Life in 2018? Please watch this webinar today!

 Jump into our 7-Day UPML free training today.


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