Seniors Step Out and Dream Again!

March 28, 2018

Yesterday I had the pleasure of leading a Vision Board workshop at the Codman Square Branch of the Boston Public Library. I started to sing, "Good Morning, how are you doing today!" The ladies began to respond, and I knew we were ready to begin. I shared the importance of taking time to dream again. 

Mature women have the challenge of still maintaining the idea that transformation is possible.  "Ladies I would love for you to say that you will Upgrade Your Lives in 2018. The women and I discussed areas in our lives that we wanted to enhance.



I Will #UPML


As women we serve our communities, families, and beyond without taking time to invest in ourselves. This is why the vision board party was something that allowed the seniors to dream again. It was amazing to meet the women and hear a ninety year old mention that she never made herself a victim to any setbacks that occurred in her life. Another 84 year old gave advice to a young adult about the importance of persisting through life challenges. Lastly, women came together and listened to the aspirations of their peers as they highlighted the need for leading balanced lives. The event was inspiring and an honor to co-host. 



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