The #UPML travel series: Gabon

June 15, 2018


As I remind my clients to reach their personal goals, I am ecstatic when I am able to re-visit my own personal journey. As educators we cannot be impactful if we don't apply our philosophy within our lives. 


Upgrade My Life was a phrase I coined at the onset of 2018 to affirm that as women and individuals, we can raise the standards of our lives by simply getting uncomfortable. My partner and husband, Manuel da Graca invited me to visit Gabon (Central Africa). Our agenda was to first  visit the city of Libreville, and then take an excursion to the interior to see the equatorial forest.  I was scared beyond belief.


The journey to the interior of the region was something I could not fathom. From the capital it would take a four hour drive to Lambarene, and an additional boat ride to the Abondesimba Lac Loguet village. Now some years later, I think about how that initial discomfort afforded me the chance to experience joy, nature, and introspection. This video highlights one of our tour guides who showed us how Palm wine is preserved and created.


About Dr. Allana Da Graca

Dr. Allana Da Graca is an educator and artist who loves to inspire individuals to become the very best they can be. This Tedx speaker believes individuals can step out of their negative self-talk to arrive at new goals.  As an educator Dr. Da Graca works with Bentley University,  Northeastern University and Walden University. She is the president of Turning On the Lights Global where she offers digital products to help women and individuals reach their professional goals. As a coach to women she has coined the #UPML term to help people say, "I will Upgrade My Life." Learn about her self-help and creative poetry books here.


Learn more about Turning On the Lights Global Institute, Incorporated.


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