Time to Upgrade My Life: 3 Appliances I Am using to Create Healthy Habits

June 24, 2018

 As women we can feel so lethargic after we take care of our families, go to work, and finish our daily routines. The Center for Disease Control reports that many of us are feeling dejected as we try to manage these heavy responsibilities. After collapsing in the bed for 1-week straight during a holiday vacation, I made a personal proclamation that to lead a more balanced life. As we continue into 2018 I would love to share with you some of the new tools and gadgets that I have implemented in my daily regimen.


1. Juice your Vegetables


Dr. Mercola says that juicing is a wonderful way to grab all of the nutrients you can get in the form of juicing. The Omega Juicer has been a great investment as it allows me to get fresh juices into my body at a faster rate than if I were to manually eat the whole forms of produce.


The Omega Juicer


2. One Pot Wonders




If you are on the run but don't want to compromise your diet, select the Instant Pot and have your home cooked meal complete in under 20 minutes. I have managed to cook Jasmine rice in under 4 minutes as well as Chicken Soup in under 30 minutes. 



3. Smoothies for the Summer


A new technique I have been trying is to switch out coffee for a strawberry and banana smoothie. I like to add a cup of mixed berries, one banana, chia seeds, flax seeds and 3 cubes of ice for a creamy smoothie. The Hamilton blender has been wonderful to use as I make cool drinks for the summer.

 Let me know how these appliances work out for you as you Upgrade Your Life this year ladies.



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