Celebrate your Life and Activate Momentum

January 15, 2019

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not I am having FUN on the journey of Entrepreneurship.


As children our imagination went wild! We know exactly how to have fun and take our energy into every facet of a jungle gym. But soon our maturity and attention to the rigors of life leave us wondering where our JOY went.


Sometimes We Spend Too Much Time On Solving Problems And Too Little On Enjoying Life


This morning I got up to head to the gym, and was ready to start my normal routine, but something told me to do something different. I turned on my computer and located the music hits from my College days. I closed my eyes and began to dance like I was at the homecoming party! The ironic question I asked myself was, “Why did I stop dancing?” As an entrepreneur, there are always multiple concerns to deal with at any given time.  I can easily find myself overwhelmed with all of the tasks of a given day. This moment of DANCE ignited my energy, and I was refreshed to resume my day.

In truth, we can activate our momentum when we take time to Celebrate as part of our daily routine. We are then actually activating our JOY which propels us to move forward!




Here are some tips to Enjoy Your Life today:

  1. Close your eyes and Visualize all of the people and opportunities that life has allowed you to have.

  2. Find your favorite throw-back song, and dance like no one is watching

  3. Celebrate your Life today and those who have supported you










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