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Turning On the Lights Global Institute, LLC. is excited to partner with individuals and organizations that are excited about offering value and service to those that are in need of personal and professional business solutions. If you are an Author, Innovator, Artist, Blogger, Vlogger, or Brand we would love to schedule a meeting to learn more about your service.  Let's schedule a time to chat.



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Dr. Allana Da Graca is a TEDx Speaker, Motivator and Founder of Turning on The Lights Global Institute. She believes that women and individuals can strive to succeed in their personal development. She is the author of Tomorrow Can't Wait, Women Build Confidence Coaching Series, and Chronicles of A Poet. She is a dynamic coach that uses scientific methods to help you with your Persistence Strategy. This year she launched the International Women Build Confidence Conference in Cambridge, Ma.

TEDx Speaker, Author, Coach, 

Dr. Allana Da Graca


Susie Carder is an expert in providing companies with training, organizational development, management leadership development, and growth solutions. Carder's expertise is in operations, finance, sales accountabilities systems, and marketing. Learn about her Global Leadership program!



The Profit Coach

Susie Carder


has been dedicated to the field of Education since 1993.  In her path to personal and professional development, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the West Indies and her Master of Education in International Teaching from Framingham State University in Massachusetts.  This learning experience provided her with the expertise and key skills in teaching and ultimately management and leadership of schools. 

Author, Speaker, TOLGI Coaching Participant

Nicola Ramsaran




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